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Golden Visa Spain: Three features of the investment in Real Estate


After various months since the Entrepreneur’s Law came into force, it is evident that the investment in Real Estate for a net amount of at least 500.000 constitutes the main attraction in order to obtain the Golden Visa in Spain. However, what requirements does the investment have to comply in turn?

Golden Visa, a Special Residence permit in Spain for real estate investors.

In first place, we must highlight that the amount invested must be free of charges and encumbrances, and the contribution made to the Spanish Economy must have at least a value of 500.000 Euros. Therefore, nothing prevents that the amount that exceeds the said amount can be subject to charges or encumbrances (i.e. a mortgage loan).

The second important matter concerns the nature of the Real Estate. That is to say, the reference the law makes of the Real Estate does not limit the amount or the quality of the same. Therefore we can deduce the following:

  • Various properties can be purchased as long as the total value of the properties reaches the amount required (in no case is it required that the purchase is only one property).
  • Different kinds of Real Estate can be acquired: residential properties, land, business premises, tourist accommodation…

In third place, it is also important to point out that the manner by which the investment in Real Estate is made will be with the presentation of the certificate of ownership and liens from the corresponding Land Registry. In the case that the registration process is not concluded, it will then be required to present the said certification where the filing entry is stated that it is in force, together with the documentation which proves the payment of the corresponding tax.

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