Specifics Requirements to obtain a Golden Visa in Portugal


a) Purchase of a property (real estate asset)

  • Application must be submitted with the title deed of purchase and sale or the promissory contract of purchase and sale;
  • Purchase price on a minimum of € 500.000,00, and the asset shall be free of charges or any other encumbrances ( in case of a purchase price above that amount, the applicant may apply for a loan );
  • The investment has to be kept for a period of 5 years.

b) Invest at least one million Euros of this capital in the purchase of derivates or shares in companies at the stock exchange

  • Declaration of the investment done, duly registered, to meet the requirement of purchase of shares in companies at the stock exchange;
  • Declaration issued by the Bank, registered at the Portuguese Central Bank, in which it is state that the investment is done;
  • Declaration issued by the Bank that the period of the investment is for a minimum period of 5 years
  • Bank Deposit for 5 years term.

c) Other investments

  • Set up a company or purchase of a company, at least 10 employees, and declaration issued by Social Security, of the date of beginning of the contracts.