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First months in force of the Golden Visa in Spain, new type of residence permit: an encouraging balance


The new residence permit Golden Visa for investor’s in Spain is starting to deliver results after the same entered into force on the 29th September 2013. The information provided by the Spanish Government states that to date, 661 visas or residence permits have been granted in Spain to entrepreneurs and foreign investors.

The nationalities that have requested the most the said permit until now are from countries like China, Singapore, Japan and the United States, as well as South American countries and the Middle East. All of this without forgetting the Russian market, of vital importance the past years in regards to the investments in Spain.

Investor's Golden Visa in Spain

In regards to the different manners to obtain an investors visa, apart from the real estate investment, the high number of requests stands out from foreign companies interested in establishing and initiating trading projects in the Spanish market, in an economy that many have described as in increase. It is also clear that the Golden Visa is an ideal solution to encourage hiring and the mobility of very qualified staff in multinational companies or technological centres present or with investments in Spain.

These numbers confirm the increasing interest of the investors in Spain and the option of the Golden Visa as an easy and simple manner of obtaining the residency, which helps the Government to see the upcoming months with optimism, in regards to the impact of the Golden Visa. The balance to date is very encouraging without doubt.

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